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Five tips for travelling as a couple

If you are a travel couple and you love spending your holidays together, visiting new places, then you surely have some rules that help you get along well and always have a great time. Next, I will present some tips that will make your trip for two perfect, no matter if you’ve been together for a long time or you’ve just met and decided to go on a trip and see if your relationship works.

1. You always have to plan the trip together. In most couples, one partner is the one who makes plans and takes decisions, while the other is content with following them. This is not recommended at all when you intend to spent your holiday abroad, for you might have your own preferences and interests. When you plan a trip for two, try to decide together which museums to visit, where to stay and for how long and in what restaurants you will eat. Thus, you make sure that both of you are happy and satisfied.

2. When you start planning a trip, take into consideration the amount of time you’ve been together. For example, if you’ve only been together for a couple of months, don’t plan a trip that is longer than 10 days. The logic behind this is simple: you’re not yet used to each other and too much time spent together all at once might ruin your relationship. Instead, plan some short trips that will allow you to get closer and discover each other gradually.

3. Discuss you budget in detail before the trip. It is well-known that money can create the greatest conflicts in a couple, so make sure you decide from the very beginning how much you want to spend. It will be easier if you already share your money, but if you don’t, then establish a sum and divide it into two equal parts. Both of you should contribute with the same amount to your trip in two, so that there won’t be any discussions.

4. Sometimes it is good to take some time apart because it might get frustrating if you feel like you’re always stuck to the other. For instance, you can go visit a certain hotel on your own if your partner doesn’t feel like it or prefers to go shopping in the meantime. Being apart for a couple of hours is actually a good thing, because afterwards you can tell the other about your experience.

5. Don’t expect everything to be perfect and go exactly as planned. When you travel, you have to be flexible and ready to accept that some plans might not work. For instance, if you planned to go sightseeing and it suddenly starts raining, there’s no use to get angry. Choose to have a nice meal in a restaurant instead.

Following these five simple tips, any travel couple will enjoy their holiday and see new places while reinforcing their relationship and knowing each other better.

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