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Weekly Resources


Check this weekly links roundup for great resources for your lifestyle and business. I am sharing this as I find useful, and I am sure it will be for others too:

1. Pregnancy Miracle Review of the successful book that will tech you how to overcome infertility naturally. Highly recommended for women over 30 years that want to conceive a baby!

2. Paleo Recipe Book Review will tell you why you should consider a paleo diet if you want to loose weight or have a healthy lifestyle. Recommended for anyone, anywhere in the world!

3. Merinde WordPress Theme is a great theme for a woman/girl blog, no matter if it’s just a diary or a recipe website. It’s free but it comes with some premium features that I like a lot. Highly recommended for cooking blogs that post recipes!

4. Free Social Bookmarking sites to promote automatically your links. Create an account, submit daily your links and they do the link building automatically.

5. Learn how to win money online with Commission Avalanche. This is basically affiliate marketing, but the way this resource is structured makes it the best option for beginners. Not to mention that Money Secrets is a blog full with resources for those who want to make an extra cash.

6. Get a free website from – This is by far the best option I could find online. A free website on your own domain is just crazy, you can get it without paying hundreds or thousands of $$$ to a web design company.

7. Download a SEO book for bloggers that will teach you how to optimize your website and increase traffic.

8. Another great place to get a website… wel actually a mini authority website or minisite design. It’s not for free but the price is affordable, and these guys will create your money site from scratch, you don’t have to do nothing, not even to compose your own content.

9. is a great resource for hip hop instrumentals and rap beats for music producers and beginners who want to create their own mixes and tunes.

10. Last but not least, on you will find grape growing guides, you’ll learn about the process of making wine at home, or how to pair food and wine or tips and guides on wine tasting.

That’s all folks! See you next week…

What to publish a link in my next roundup? Send me a message

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