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French Bakery

french bakery One of my favorite places to dine, to have coffee, to eat a cookie or a cake is French Bakery. This restaurant/coffee place/bakery it’s part of an international chain of dinning places and, you guessed it: it’s French!

If you spend your holidays in Romania, you can find this kind of bakeries all over in Bucharest, but a special place is the French Bakery situated on no. 9 Benjamin Franklin Street, near The Romanian Athenaeum, a historical place, in Romana Square.

This location is a bit sheltered from the noises of the traffic, it’s a quiet little café, where you can also enjoy an exquisite French soup! You can also choose from different varieties of very yummy cookies and cakes or have a coffee or a cappuccino. The service is very good, you don’t have to wait for long and the waiters are very nice.

The sole inconvenience is the fact that this special place is a very small one, so if you’re with a bunch of friends and you want to party, this is not the place for you. However if you want to dine there’s a French Bakery Restaurant just around the corner on no. 17 Nicolae Golescu Street (near Magheru Street, the Central Boulevard crossing Romana Square).

Getting back to my little corner of Paradise (hoping it’s going to become yours also!) I can say it’s look it’s modern with see-through glass doors, mirrors on the walls, an assembly of very different chairs and armchairs, very nice eye-caching blend, and round tiny glass tables. There is also a hanger and an umbrella rack for the rainy days, and some newspapers on the shelf for people coming to dine alone. But alone or in company I guarantee you’ll have a good time!

I almost forgot about the wine selection displayed on a shelf for any client to compare, read the ingredients and enjoy in the café or buy to taste at home with family or friends. Also an entire selection of specific types of bread can be found here.

You can eat a special French dish called a “quiche” which is a sort of salty baked dough with cheese or salmon or spinach, very tasty and enough to make for a good meal. You can have this for any moment of the day, either it’s for breakfast, lunch or supper, and it gets served with “sa petite salade” which means it’s little salad, on the side, no extra money. A quiche it’s about 11 ron, and worth every penny (by that I mean every ron)!

Hoping I have enticed you enough, have a wonderful time at French Bakery! If you plan to travel to Romania, a good place to find cheap hotels in Bucharest is here.

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